Just for Women Academies

Just For Women Academies

Whether your goal is to play golf with friends and business associates, to aim for the club championship or simply to set a personal best, I want to help you get there. Irma says, “Golf enriched my life personally well before I became a golf professional.”


I want my students to learn to get the most from their swing, short game, and on-course thinking – and how to get all the joy and fellowship and fun from this great game.”


In order to play good golf, it’s important to have good technique, but especially so for women who must rely on sound mechanics to squeeze every ounce of club head speed and precision out of their games. Irma has spent years studying the golf swing and understands the principles of physics that women need to incorporate in their swing to maximize power and precision.


These academies can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. Materials included as well as on and off the course instruction. Contact Irma for details and pricing.


Cell: (970) 556-5843

Email: whitmangolfinstruction@gmail.com

Mountain Vista Green Golf Course: (970) 482-4847

Ask for a pamphlet at the front desk or visit www.mountainvistagreens.com under golf instruction for details.